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Water Rides for Rent

Water rides and slides are a great way to cool down the scorching summer days! Get wet and have fun by going on these fun water slides rentals and water bounce houses.
Professional delivery to forest VA and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.
Water slides that are available for rental can be great fun. They go fast and they cool you off fast. Children will line up to rent these large, brightly lit slides. A water slide can be rented with electricity and water hook-up. We're able to bring the cord and hose provided it's within a 50 foot range.

There are numerous choices for small and large water slides. Make sure you choose one that is suitable to the age of your children and the amount of guests. Most slides can easily accommodate 10-20 people (as long they are willing to wait for a while in line). Children of smaller ages may be scared of the taller slides, but all our slides are safe for everyone because they feature edge walls , and many of them come with a net to deter curious children from attempting to climb up onto the top.

Slides will be secured with stakes or sandbags in order to ensure they are safe even in light winds.

We are sure that whatever water slide you lease from us you will be pleased and will be looking to rent from us again in the future!